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Staffordshire Detective hunting fugitives in new Channel 4 TV show

Staffordshire Police’s own Detective Chief Inspector, Zoe Kelsall, is set to showcase her expertise on national television in the fourth instalment of Channel 4’s Hunted series.

She has teamed up with a carefully-selected team of Hunters, all specialists in their own field, in view of tracking down and stopping a group of fugitives on the run.

The first episode of the series is due to appear on screens this Sunday (22 May), with DCI Kelsall showcasing her specialist investigation skills – honed over an impressive 24-year career.

“It’s a great insight into the efforts and resources required in modern-day policing,” she said.

“Although it’s for entertainment, it really puts into perspective the degree of work, insight and the mentality needed to replicate these operations in real situations.”

DCI Kelsall, who currently operates as the head of specialist investigations in Staffordshire Police, features in the programme as a ‘ground hunter’, responsible for catching the fugitives first-hand.  

The programme puts DCI Kelsall’s investigative policing experience to the test, across a series of fast-paced and demanding operations, all in view of showcasing the world of policing and giving the contestants a chance to win £100,000.

Zoe Kelsall on Hunted – Image via Staffordshire Police

“It’s an amazing way to show my passion for policing,” she said.

“As a detective, you have to have a certain mindset. You need to anticipate people’s next move and have the appropriate measures in place to be in the right place at the right time.

“It requires collaboration with a variety of teams, decisive thinking in high-pressure situations and an eye for the details. It might be for fun, but the impetus of the programme is designed to show the passion we and others have to keep people safe.”

She added: “It’s a great concept,”

“What started with an unassuming email has now transformed into me chasing after a bunch of fugitives on national TV! I can’t quite believe it!”

The contestants must avoid capture from the Hunters over a series of 25 days. The programme will air on Channel 4 at 9pm, today Sunday (22nd May).

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