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Crispy’s Curse Needs Your Help

Crispy’s Curse – By John Williams

Can you help local film maker John Williams with his new film Crispy’s Curse ?

Crispy’s Curse is a horror/Slasher/Comedy film by local film maker John Williams that follows the murderous habits of a charming and mesmerising clown as he strikes from the dead to continue his deathly games. Hot on his trail are a group of paranormal investigators (spirit hunters international team), Messiah Fist (A Christian heavy metal band on a mission from god) and Alon Baptiste (

A powerful spirit medium and destroyer of dark energys) . These are closely followed by 2 small town detectives by the names of Pope and Moss, forever inappropriate with an undeserved swagger.

Can they together rid the town of Crispy’s Curse, before the whole town becomes his victim.

To donate towards the film production costs, John has set-up a Kick Starter page for more details click here

To read more about John and background in film making click here

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