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O.H.C.A (Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest) – New local film

O.H.C.A (Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest) is a semi-autobiographical tale about Richard’s experiences after suffering a cardiac arrest, including the recovery and trauma.

North Staffs TV spoke to Richard Steele who wrote and directed this film.

Richard told us that the film took longer than anticipated to finish, as he had to change the lead actor after a few weeks. In the end this turned out to be positive, as he managed to get local filmmaker John Williams to take the role, this worked out well given the documentary style of the film and the dialogue.

Both leads, John and Linda Brammer, did a great job, as did the other cast members. The film is almost 28 minutes long and is based on Richards own experience of having a cardiac arrest in January 2018, and the subsequent recovery and trauma, and how his partner literally saved his life.

He is currently in the process of submitting the film to a number of festivals, and a short film he made last year, ‘Get on With It’, has already done well in a few national festivals.

You can watch the film here – https://filmfreeway.com/OHCA

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