Stoke Con TrentStoke CON Trent April 2022

Video’s from Stoke Con Trent #13 (10-04-2022)

Volunteers from North Staffs TV attended Stoke Con Trent on Sunday 10th April 2022. The event was held at Keele University in Staffordshire.

There was a wide range of guests and attractions for the whole family, including the cosplay competition and charity auction.

The event is held every 6 months, usually in April and October.

For further information please visit or follow them on Facebook.

Here is some video’s we took during the day.

Stoke CON Trent #13 (10-04-2022) Cosplay Competition Part 1 (outside)

Stoke CON Trent #13 (10-04-2022) Cosplay Final (Main Stage)

Stoke CON Trent #13 (10-04-2022) Doors Open

Stoke CON Trent #13 (10-04-2022) Auction

Stoke CON Trent #13 (10-04-2022) Johnny 5 Replica

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