Stoke Con TrentStoke CON Trent October 2021

A review of Stoke CON Trent #12 at Keele University [Includes all video]

North Staffs TV attended Stoke CON Trent on Sunday 10th October 2021, the event was held at Keele University. This is the 12th CON, which is usually held twice a year. Due to Covid restrictions previous events had to be cancelled.

Many visitors come to Stoke CON Trent dressed as their heroes from TV & Film. Most enter the Cosplay competition which is held in two parts. The first part which is held outside is to review all entry’s and select a number of finalists, the main final is then held on the main stage later in the afternoon, where a winner from each category is selected, and then an overall winner is chosen.

We took a lot of different videos during the day, including both parts of the cosplay competition, the auction, and guest Q&A sessions on the main stage. There was also a tribute to John Challis who recently passed away, he had attended Stoke Con Trent events previously. Video’s have been added below.

Stoke Con Trent – Doors Open (10-10-2021)

Stoke Con Trent – Tribute to John Challis (10-10-2021)

Stoke Con Trent – Cosplay Competition Part 1 (10-10-2021)

Stoke Con Trent – Cosplay Final (10-10-2021)

Stoke Con Trent – Auction (10-10-2021)

Stoke Con Trent – Hacker T Dog and Chris Johnson (10-10-2021)

Stoke Con Trent – Star Wars Guest Q&A (10-10-2021) With Mike Quinn, Tim Rose, Ross Sambridge and Matt Tyler

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