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Knife Angel Engagement Day (9th and 23rd April 2022)

There will be 2 days of engagement activities taking place in front of the Knife Angel at Smithfield in Hanley..

9th April 2022

10am – 12:30pm  – Engage hosting activities for young children including football

12:30pm – 13:30pm – Ruff n Ruby – Rap performances from various participants

1:30pm – BBC’s The Rap Game’s KayDizzy rap performance including exclusive performance of anti-violence anthem

2pm – Ben Nuttall, Professional Freestyle Footballer performance

23rd April 2022

Activities include music throughout the day and performances and demonstrations from Vibez Dance Studio, Shidoshinkai Karate Academy, Stoke-on-Trent Young Musician of the Year Ben Foxcroft, SCDC Dance Studio, Ruff & Ruby and Taekwondo demonstrations. 

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