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Flybe airline is set to collapse within hours

BREAKING NEWS – We have been told that Flybe is set to collapse in the next few hours. There is around 2000 staff who work for the airline.

Its final airborne flights are expected to touch down at airports across the UK late on Wednesday evening, once all planes are on the ground it is expected that the company will go into administration.

There have been multiple reports of passengers being turned away at UK airports tonight and aircraft detained at Glasgow and Manchester Airports.

As of 22:45pm the website is now unavailable, and displaying the following message. Prior to this the site appeared to be up and working and accepting bookings. We have seen some posts on social media from users who made bookings around 10pm with no issues. website as of 10:45pm on 04-03-2020

According to Sky News staff from EY, the accountancy firm, are travelling to regional airports across the UK in preparation for Flybe falling into administration in the coming hours.

Flybe blamed a disruption to flights at Glasgow Airport on ‘miscommunication’ over refuelling of two services to Birmingham. However this does not appear to be the actual reason.

There was some news reports earlier this week regarding the future of the airline.

The outbreak of the coronavirus, which has hit hundreds of airlines around the world, has prompted a “collapse” in bookings at Flybe.

Martin Lewis from MoneySavingExpert has tweeted some information on what you can do if you are affected by this. We can expect further news and guidance tomorrow.

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