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Donald Trump meet’s the queen and NATO allies [Images & Video]

We don’t normally cover national story’s much at North Staffs TV, but we were in London today and so was US president Donald Trump, so we could not resist going to see him.

He is in the UK for two days and tonight he went to Buckingham Palace in the evening where Queen Elizabeth II hosted NATO heads of state and government for dinner.

There was a planned protest against his visit which started at Trafalgar Square and then headed up The Mall in time to see Donald Trump drive past.

There was a heavy police presence in the area, with hundreds of officers, many of whom came from outside of the London Area. From what we could see the protest was peaceful, and we did not see any trouble. There was a lot of locals who were unhappy as they were unable to get home as certain roads were closed for some time.

We managed to get some video of as he arrived, and also some video of the protesters as they arrived at the top of The Mall.

See below for images and video.

US President Donald Trump arrives at Buckingham Palace

Protesters as US President Donald Trump arrives at Buckingham Palace

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