Thunderstorms To Hit North Staffordshire Area Tomorrow [Sunday 23-06-2019)

Several National Severe Weather warnings for thunderstorms have already been issued for parts of the UK from Sunday, as well as Heat Health Alerts issued in conjunction with Public Health England.

In addition to the high temperatures, there is a widespread risk of severe thunderstorms with several National Severe Weather warnings already in place for large parts of the country.  

Commenting on the potential impacts from these thunderstorms, the Met Office said: “With the potential for a large volume of water in a short time, there is a significant risk of flash flooding, fast flowing or deep flowing water causing danger to life and very difficult driving conditions in places.”

“As such we are urging the public to keep a close eye on our forecasts and warnings, especially on Met Office social media and video broadcasts as these will capture the latest details for your area.”

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