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Mobile Phone Manufactures To Ban Portrait Mode In Future Updates

It would be nice if it was true….but it was a good April fool post.. ūüėČ

Mobile phone manufactures are planning to disable portrait mode for video in future updates.  The planned updates are said not to effect photos but only video.  The move has been widely welcomed by the technology world.

The announcement was made at the World Mobile Technology Conferance in China yesterday. Both Google and Apple indicated that this was due in future updates, however they both stressed that this was for video only and users would still be able to take portrait photographs.

Many people often joke and mock those who film in portrait mode as the video can only be played at the correct size on a mobile phone, when displayed on a TV or computer the image is adjusted to fit, which leaves black bars either side.

Broadcasters around the world welcome the move.  As many people send in there mobile phone footage of events to news and other media outlets,  and video in portrait mode is frowned upon in the industry, as it is hard to display correctly on a TV screen.

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