Stoke Stories

Stoke Stories is a North Staffs TV documentary based web series created by Fuwad Abrar. This web series focuses on simply one thing,  it is about someone who is from Stoke – on – Trent talks about their life living in the city. That is not all that the web series focuses on, it also focus on people’s ambitions, careers, inspirations and life stories.

The aim of this is to present how Stoke – on – Trent can be a great city to live in.

There will be at least one episode every month.

Stoke Stories on North Staffs TV
Stoke Stories on North Staffs TV

Episode 1 

In episode one we feature film critic Sean Evans of Back To The Movies discussing  his career,ambitions and how living in Stoke – on – Trent has impacted these.

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  • Really enjoyed this interview with Sean Evans – when is next Stoke Stories coming out?


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