Weather forecasts indicate we could see snow for large parts of UK next week

The Met Office is yet to confirm their long range forecast, but they have said “Cooler conditions are likely to allow the wintry showers to return, bringing an increasing likelihood of snow across northern regions down to lower levels. Fresh and breezy winds are often likely, becoming stronger at times with a risk of gales.”

Towards the end of next week they went on to say “For the following few days, the most likely scenario is one of generally colder conditions, compared to recently, to dominate, with potential for brief incursions of milder air tied with Atlantic frontal systems. This means further wet weather is likely, especially in the west, with perhaps a greater incidence of snow compared to what we’ve seen so far in January. Strong winds or gales are also possible at times.”

The weather website WXcharts also indicates that we could see snow around the Staffordshire area on Tuesday 17th January.

Image via WXcharts

The website NetWeather also shows snow for Staffordshire next Tuesday and Wednesday

Image via NetWeather

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