Cooler conditions will spread across the UK by Friday

After a spell of warm weather for many, cooler conditions will spread across the UK by Friday before likely becoming unsettled and much colder with the chance of wintry conditions from Sunday.

Temperatures across much of England and Wales climbed to over 20°C this week however conditions will change dramatically later this week and over the Easter weekend with colder spreading from the north. 

It’s not unusual to see big swings in temperature across the UK in spring, however there will be a notable change in temperature as the warm air across the south is displaced. With a maximum of 24°C forecast on Wednesday, a drop to single figures for many by the start of next week poses a challenge for sectors such as agriculture and horticulture. This is particularly true from late Sunday and into early next week when the character of the weather is likely to change with the prospect of snow showers for many accompanied by very strong northerly winds.

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