More snow and ice due early next week

Weather reports say that we will have a dry evening tonight for many but outbreaks of patchy rain are still possible. A large area of rain will arrive after midnight, heavy at times and possibly falling as snow. Minimum temperature 1 °C.

Originally it was reported that snow will hit the Midlands area on Saturday, this has now been pushed back to early next week. Saturday we can see a cold, wet, and windy start as rain continues during the morning, possibly falling as snow in places. A cold and icy night follows with easing winds. Maximum temperature 4 °C.

Going into next week, it is likely that unsettled conditions will dominate, with low pressure systems moving in off the Atlantic. The weather will be changeable.

Snowfall to lower levels could possibly occur. Towards the end of this period, we may see high pressure build over the north of the UK, bringing colder conditions and wintry outbreaks.

Met Office image that shows snow and ice for early next week

Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Neil Armstrong, said: “A weather front moves north eastwards across the UK bringing rain which turns to snow as it pushes further north and meets with colder air. This system has prompted a number of warnings including a rain warning for Northern Ireland, while snow warnings will be in force for parts of northern England and Scotland.”

The Met Office said the UK had experienced its snowiest spell since late January 2019.

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