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Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service remembers Grenfell victims three years on

Senior fire officers at Staffordshire Fire and Rescue have detailed how the service will continue to learn from the Grenfell Tower fire.

Sunday 14 June 2020 marks three years since 72 people lost their lives in the tragic fire which devastated the country.

This weekend, service personnel will take the time to remember the families of the victims, the wider community and those in the emergency services who have all been affected by the tragedy.

Director of Response Glynn Luznyj said it’s important to learn from it: “Here in Staffordshire we have explored all the outcomes from Phase 1 of the Grenfell enquiry to ensure that our operational capabilities continue to improve.

“We are delighted that many of our high rise, residential buildings have already got sprinkler systems fitted or are planning to do so whilst we continue to push for the very best levels of fire protection when it comes to building regulation.

“We’ll do everything we can to ensure that new building regulations afford the best level of fire protection to all of our residents – no matter where they live.”

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