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Alton Towers – The Towers

North Staffs TV took some video and still images of The Towers at Alton Towers. You can view them in the two video’s below.

The Towers are the ruins of Alton Towers stately home and are the source of the park’s name. They belonged to the Talbot family as a stately home until 1924 and largely designed by Augustus Pugin, also noted for his work on the Palace of Westminster.[ The Towers are now in a state of disrepair following decades of neglect. The ruins are open to the public during most of the open season. However, some areas are closed off as part of a £1.1 million project in place to restore the oldest parts of the Towers. Key areas of The Towers include the banqueting hall, the chapel, conservatories, and Her Ladyship’s Gardens.

Video Of The Towers
Still Images Of The Towers

A Hot Hot Summer – Just Look At What It’s Doing To Our Grass

North Staffs TV have been out and about looking at the impact the hot summer has had on our grass.  Take a look at our video, there is lots of very burnt looking grass !

When the weather reaches extreme heats, it is only a matter of days before you start to see yellow patches of dry grass form, eventually your whole garden is yellow.

Britain’s heatwave came as extreme hot weather griped northern Europe, with scientists warning the kind of conditions seen during the summer of 2018 in much of the northern hemisphere are made more likely by climate change.