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Wraith – Horror feature film written and directed by Fuwad Abrar

Wraith is an upcoming horror feature film written and directed by Fuwad Abrar.

Fuwad is well known in North Staffordshire, he has produced many local films. We have reported in the past on a few of them such as Isolated, Contrite and The Quierude.

‘I have wanted to make a horror film for a really long time, but I never thought I had found the right story to tell. There had been times where I thought that it wouldn’t be possible of me to tackle the horror genre, as it is a cliched genre and there are too many of them these days. After thinking about it for many years now, I figured it was time to tell the story I had always wanted’.

PLOT – Set many years after a tragedy, a young couple relationship is tested when the past comes back to haunt them.

The film is a love letter to classic horror films and books, as Fuwad Abrar has been a huge horror fan ever since he was a kid. 

‘Another reason that I want to do a horror film is because of the city of Stoke On Trent and how its known as a very haunting place. I was heavily interested and inspired by the story of Molly Leigh (The Burslem Witch). I have done some research about her and thought we can use that as a gateway to tell my story’.

The plot so far is very minimal, as the filmmakers want to keep the story surprising for the audiences. 

Aiming to begin production in late Summer and potential December release date. Currently posting casting calls and ideally looking for local Stoke/Staffordshire based actors for the film. 

Thunderstorms To Hit North Staffordshire Area Tomorrow [Sunday 23-06-2019)

Several National Severe Weather warnings for thunderstorms have already been issued for parts of the UK from Sunday, as well as Heat Health Alerts issued in conjunction with Public Health England.

In addition to the high temperatures, there is a widespread risk of severe thunderstorms with several National Severe Weather warnings already in place for large parts of the country.  

Commenting on the potential impacts from these thunderstorms, the Met Office said: “With the potential for a large volume of water in a short time, there is a significant risk of flash flooding, fast flowing or deep flowing water causing danger to life and very difficult driving conditions in places.”

“As such we are urging the public to keep a close eye on our forecasts and warnings, especially on Met Office social media and video broadcasts as these will capture the latest details for your area.”

Pakistan government accidentally adds cat filter to Facebook Live press conference

Looking at the funny side of TV a bit now, and the Pakistan government accidentally added a cat filter to a Facebook Live press conference.

The PTI said the filter was removed within a few minutes, and it was caused by human error.

The filters are a popular feature on live Facebook video’s, with various to choose from, however maybe a live press conference is not the best place to test them out.

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